A little story about a FSBO (for sale by owner)

I wanted to stop in, super caj, today; I don’t know if you can tell by my jacket and everything, but super casual; about a lady I was talking to on Facebook who said she that she was doing a for sale by owner - or a FSBO in Florida.

She had her house listed for sale by owner for $260,000 and her post was on a military wive’s webpage and she was asking for advice because she got an offer for $220,000 and she didn’t know how to approach it.

So, for me, it’s a little bit frustrating to see these kinds of situations because in her situation she would have paid a seller’s agent $7800/$7500 something like that—and she would have gotten a full price offer, or pretty close to it probably. Instead, she is losing $40,000. So this $7000-$8000 “savings” is costing her $40,000 and all of the stress and hassle of trying to list your house on your own and show it, schedule showings, and schedule all of the other stuff, and she isn’t even under contract yet!

So just imagine when the inspections come and the appraisal comes and all of this other stuff; the title work, that goes on in the background that no one really know that Realtors take care of. You can set yourself up for really big problems doing a for sale by owner because you’ve watched a couple HGTV shows.

This is my career. Most Realtors, if you choose a good one, this is our career. You aren’t going to go to a brain surgeon and tell him you’re going to do surgery on your own brain so you can save a couple hundred thousand dollars, are you? No, you’re not. Don’t do the same with your biggest investment, which is normally your home.

If you’ve had any thoughts recently about selling your house, please give me a call. I’d love to help